Tuesday, October 05, 2004


Temos um tema novo que irá ser estreado nos próximos concertos, mas falta-nos o titulo da música...decidimos então dar-vos a oportunidade de serem voçês a escolher!
Os três melhores titulos recebem prémios e o melhor será o escolhido, ai fica a letra...bom trabalho!

"here´s another cup
to your health, to your words
you tell me you´re doing great,
then why you want me to fix you up.

here´s another love.
to treat you nice, to keep you close.
you tell me your are safe,
that lie fits you like a glove.

you think you are a goddess, i watch you
but you only fall, over and over
you think you are in love, i feel you
but you are left, colder and colder, alone.

lies are unbeatable.
you only die to come back to life.
you blind the seed to warm the body
and you listen to me, but you don´t get the story

here´s another rose
with thorns that sting me
she is withering away and i sleep alone.
she is the dream which burns my days.
here´s another blow.
feeling low only gets you high.
if you betray yourself first
others won´t have to try.

here are my eyes.
if you want, they will embrace.
`cause i will freely see,
my happiness trade for your sake.

you think you are a goddess, i watch you
but you only fall, over and over"

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