Friday, June 29, 2007

..: NORTON :.. Sailing Across A Distant Sea @ Tv

A partir do próximo mês de Julho podem ouvir em horário nobre na telenovela Vingança da Sic um dos temas de Kersche, Sailing Across A Distant Sea.
Sailing Across A Distant Sea, from the new album Kersche will be part of the soundtrack of "Vingança" at Sic Tv Station in Portugal.

Friday, June 22, 2007

..: NORTON :.. @ CD Baby & Human Empire

For everyone who live outside Portugal we have good news! If you live in Hamburg (Germany) you can now buy our records at the Human Empire Shop. For everyone else you can now buy Pictures From Our Thoughts and the brand new album Kersche at CD Baby Store at special prices, just follow the links and be happy with good music...

kisses & hugs

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

..: NORTON :.. Marvão

Por motivos pessoais de um dos elementos os Norton tiveram de cancelar a sua presença no Rock Fest de Marvão no próximo Sábado dia 23. Fica prometida a marcação de uma nova data para Marvão... As nossas desculpas à organização e a quem pensava deslocar-se até lá para nos ver!

até já
kisses & hugs

Saturday, June 16, 2007

..: NORTON :.. Kersche @ Digital Stores

Depois de um pequeno atraso devido a problemas burocráticos, Kersche está finalmente disponível a partir de hoje naquela que é a maior loja de música On-Line do Mundo, iTunes Music Store da Apple e ainda nas lojas Rhapsody, Napster, EMusic, Connect e MusicNet. Enjoy!
After a little delay due to some burocratic problems, Kersche i
s finally available in iTunes Music Store (World), Rhapsody, Napster, EMusic, Connect and MusicNet. Enjoy!

até já
kisses & hugs

Thursday, June 14, 2007

..: NORTON :.. Charlie!

Some people come to be embraced by this world,
To shine in a new ray of love
Others go and will always be remembered by ourselves
In our hearts and in between frames of our lives...
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(Norton em 2004)

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

..: NORTON :.. Spherical Hearts


Could it be right, that we walked away
Tumbling on the path, just to end up again
Drumming a new beat kind of pace?
Maybe I was caught in a spinning threat…
Maybe you were tangled in the line of attack.
Now I've analyzed all profits and left lovers,
Squared roots of memories and other remains,
Subtracted a few heart-wrecks and left lovers
All these calculations formed a spherical shape.


Now our own destinies are plotting together,
Entwining connections on our live hood agendas.
I suspect ill be converted into a great believer
If the constellations predict in our sea of years
That you are to be found safe and sound in my arms

Music: Norton
Lyric: Illyanna Dann / Re-Arranged by Norton

..: NORTON :.. Kersche


Last we've talked, you were pleading surrender
As we screamed our differences on common ground.
You never admitted defeat, but smiled at the winner
And signed a treaty for a better heart to be found.

Sometimes we've collided under wicked spy eyes
Said to each other hi and allowed our good manners to lie

I read some history about your "rendezvous"
You heard about me on the 10 o'clock news
But my hard won battle made me severely consider

Sometimes we've collided under wicked spy eyes
Said to each other hi and allowed our good manners to lie

Music: Norton
Lyric: Illyanna Dann / Re-Arranged by Norton

..: NORTON :.. Frames Of Yourself


Here's another cup
To your health, to your words
You tell me you're doing great
Than why you want me to fix you up?

Here's another love
To treat you nice, to keep you close
You tell me you're safe
That lie fits you like a glove

You think you are a fortress
But you only fall
You think you are in love
But you are left alone

(So come on)
(Have to try)

Music: Norton
Lyric: Illyanna Dann / Re-Arranged by Norton

..: NORTON :.. Still Stays On


This is were I stop
my last travel took me back
when I want to linger in your mouth
tenderness keeps fading in and out
while the motion heavens me quick
and rhythm doesn´t pull my thirst
No delay and no rush
Just take this train
Just use the time that remains.

It keeps us on these tracks
On the same rhythm
Saying back and forth:
"I promise, you won't feel it… this time around"

Still be there
Still drive on
Still stays on

Whereabouts that passes us through
Still be there
We still drive on

Music: Norton
Lyric: Illyanna Dann / Re-Arranged by Norton

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

..: NORTON :.. :)

Hoje a familia Norton aumentou :)