Tuesday, June 12, 2007

..: NORTON :.. Spherical Hearts


Could it be right, that we walked away
Tumbling on the path, just to end up again
Drumming a new beat kind of pace?
Maybe I was caught in a spinning threat…
Maybe you were tangled in the line of attack.
Now I've analyzed all profits and left lovers,
Squared roots of memories and other remains,
Subtracted a few heart-wrecks and left lovers
All these calculations formed a spherical shape.


Now our own destinies are plotting together,
Entwining connections on our live hood agendas.
I suspect ill be converted into a great believer
If the constellations predict in our sea of years
That you are to be found safe and sound in my arms

Music: Norton
Lyric: Illyanna Dann / Re-Arranged by Norton


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