Monday, January 14, 2008

..: NORTON :.. Kersche Remixes

First of all we’d like to wish you all a really great 2008 full of Love, Happiness and Hope!
Well, this year we start soon with the surprises... Kersche Remixed is the name of the first surprise and it will be available on the 21st of January!
Kersche Remixed is, as the name announces, a remixed version of Kersche.
By this time you all should have noticed that we are addicted to remixes, so this time even with the rest of the band not knowing i started to invite people to make remixes. Two big differences exists between our first remix record and this new one. First this one will be a totally free release, an Internet release supported by the wonderful Aerotone from Munich, Germany.
To have this new record you only need to download it, for free, no expenses for you, nice no?
The other difference is that in the first record only Portuguese people was working on it, in this one people from all around the world was putting new visions, new sounds, new atmospheres in Norton songs.
In this record you travel around the world. From Iceland with FM Belfast, side Project of Örvar Smárason from Múm, to Malaysia with Muxu, Germany with Corwood Manual, Hidden Letters, Nuuk and Trondheim, Portugal with Loto, Stereoboy and Daily Misconceptions, Sweden with Lost Room, U.S.A. with Cars & Trains and Transient, England with Will, Switzerland with And Me and Netherlands with You Echo.
The pack is complete with the wonderful reworking on Kersche cover made, once again by Meedchen.
For those of you who can wait to hear the Remixes, we created a new Myspace page especially for the Norton Remixes at
there you can hear some of the remixes of Kersche Remixed and some other new remixes of other release that we will talk about here soon when we have more infos...
So for now that’s it, on the 21st of January you only have to go to and download the songs and the cover and enjoy it!


Here i let you with the track list:
01. Our June - Will Remix (Bristol, England)
02. (Your) Balcony - Corwood Manual Remodelling (Berlin, Germany)
03. Sailing Across A Distant Sea - Lost Room Remix (Gothenburg, Sweden)
04. Kersche - Muxu Remix (Malaysia)
05. Spherical Hearts - Trondheim Remix (Munster, Germany)
06. Still Stays On - Daily Misconceptions Remix (Lisbon, Portugal)
07. Pleased To Get Home - And Me Remix (Basel, Switzerland)
08. Sailing Across A Distant Sea - You Echo Remix (Tilburg, Netherlands)
09. Still Stays On - Transient Remix (New York, U.S.A.)
10. (Your Balcony) - FM Belfast Remix (Reikjavik, Iceland)
11. Cinnamon & Wine - Loto Remix (Alcobaça, Portugal)
12. Sailing Across A Distant Sea - Stereoboy Remix (Tomar, Portugal)
13. Lowlands - Nuuk Remix (Bayern, Germany)
14. Kersche - Cars And Trains Remix (Portland, U.S.A.)
15. (Your) Balcony - Hidden Letters Remix (Rostock, Germany)

kisses & hugs


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