Thursday, February 05, 2009

..: NORTON :.. Toledo & Murcia

2009 live shows will finally start!
As you can see in our February Poster we announced that we will play with guest musicians in the Caldas da Rainha concert, but the rehearsals went so great that they will play in all the February concerts.
If you come to see us in Toledo, Murcia, Caldas da Rainha or Madrid we will be four Nortons plus two more guitars, yes we will play with three guitars, and let me tell you that it sounds really good and powerful!
We´d like to thank in advance to Manuel Simões and Miguel Nicolau for sharing the shows with us!
Tomorrow we will play for the first in Toledo, Spain. The concert will be at Picaro Cafe-Teatro and will start at 22h with free entrance! There will be no Dj Set after the concert as previously announced!
The day after we play at Microsonidos Festival in Murcia, Spain.
Two more bands will play that night: Olee Nyman from Sweden and Ross from Spain. And after the shows Norton Dj Set! All this at 12 & Medio Club with free entry!
See you there!



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