Wednesday, February 03, 2010


Some months ago we were invited by Telmo Martins to write a song for the soundtrack of his new movie. By that time, we were a little busy with the European Tour, but these last days were spent composing a brand new song, which we will pre-produce in our own studio.
In the next two weeks, we will go back to our favorite studio and work with our favorite producer. We are all really excited about it!... We will keep you updated on our Facebook and Twitter accounts.
The movie is called "Um Funeral à Chuva" and it has already some great bands confirmed for the soundtrack. It will be out on the portuguese theaters by the end of May and you can see the first trailer here!
Meanwhile, we've been upgrading our studio / workstation in Castelo Branco and it looks pretty much like a home now. A lot of new songs are coming, a new record too and some shows are being scheduled for April!
See you soon!

kisses & hugs


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