Friday, June 11, 2010


This is an announcement we’ve meant to put out in a while. Those who’ve been catching up with us lately may have noticed that we released a new song for a movie soundtrack and played a short showcase in Lisbon last month as a four-piece. The goals were different between us four and Alexandre Rodrigues, so we decided to continue the band without him and with Pedro assuming the lead vocals. It was an amicable separation and we wish Alexandre all the best with all our hearts.

The new songs have been coming out great, more uplifting! We are strongly devoted to them back at our rehearsal headquarters and we can’t wait to see ourselves into the recording studio and work the new record with our favorite producer.

Stay tuned for some news around this summer!

Best wishes from Norton,
Rodolfo Matos, Pedro Afonso, Leonel Soares, Manuel Simões


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